ZetaLabs Testnet Beta Testing: How I Earned 5000 $ZETA Points And Got Test ETH On Goerli

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6 min readMay 21, 2023

The ZetaLabs is a testbed for new omnichain dApps and key pillar in the ZetaChain developer and contributor ecosystem. Users can participate in testing, learning, and contributing to dApps created using the ZetaChain protocol in an open environment.

Earn 5000 $ZETA Points Instantly through Beta Testing

The ZetaLabs Swap App enables any-to-any token/chain transactions without the need for asset bridging, wrapping, or locking by utilising the speed and strength of ZetaChain’s natural value transfer.

Community members can keep track of their advancement and contributions to ZetaLabs using ZETA Points. They also promote the engagement of new users and daily ZetaLabs testing. The system encourages bug reports and input on products/protocols to assist the team in making routine network improvements.

For More on ZETA Labs: ||Twitter|| Discord ||

Section I of III: Preparing Wallet

Step 1: Log into the Metamask wallet, click on the network and select “Add Network”.

Earn 5000 $ZETA Points Instantly through Beta Testing

Step 2: Now add BSC Testnet network to Metamask using below mentioned parameters:

Network Name: BSC Testnet
New RPC URL:https://bsc-dataseed1.binance.org
Chain ID: 97
Currency Symbol: BNB

Step 3: Now in left sidebar click on “Networks”, a new window will appear. There you can see all the available Testnet networks that are available but not visible.

Step4: Now click on the “Advanced” in left side bar. In “Advanced” tab when you scroll down, you will find “Show test networks” option, just put it “ON”. Now all test networks will become visible in your Metamask.

Section II of III: Beta Testing

Step 1: Visit below link (You will get 5000 Zeta Points for joining through this link)and then click on “Verify with Twitter”

Step 2: Now click on “Connect Wallet” and allow Metamask to connect.

Step 3: Now click on “Confirm Wallet” and sign the transaction.

Step 4: Now get your own unique invite link, as each new member joined with your link, you both will get 5000 Zeta Points. Both you and your invited users will earn points after completing the Twitter account verification. We require Twitter verification to prevent spam from bots. Click on “Earn ZETA Points”, click on “Copy Link” and then share it with your connections.

Step 5: Now click on “Get ZETA” and then, “Request Assets” to get Test ZETA Tokens.

Step 6 (Trick to Get gETH): Now click on “Swap” Select Network (Input)→ Select Token (Input)→ Enter Amount → Select Network (Output)→ Select Token (Output) → Click on “Review Order”

Step 7: Click on “Swap” and approve transactions.

Section III of III: Feedback

Just don’t for get to join Zetachain’s official discord and share your feedback

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What is ZetaChain?

ZetaChain is the world’s first and only blockchain that connects everything. It facilitates cross-chain and cross-layer value transfer, message delivery, and smart contract calls — thus enabling for the first time omnichain dApps (odApps) which can leverage liquidity on multiple networks and read and update states on all connected networks

What is ZETA?

ZETA is ZetaChain’s native coin, one of the first coins that is natively issued across many chains and layers. Users can directly move the ZETA coin from any chain A to chain B. The mechanism is a one way peg (i.e. burning X amount on chain A and then minting X amount on chain B). ZETA is used for many aspects of the network, including as an intermediary token in the case of cross-chain value transfer. The coin is used as gas for the network, just as ETH is used on Ethereum, as well as for maintaining and incentivizing decentralization in the network — staking, bonding, slashing, and so on

How do fees work on ZetaChain?

A user pays for all fees within a single transaction when performing cross-chain actions through ZetaChain. All fees (ZetaChain network fees, destination gas fees) are bundled in a single transaction

What is an omnichain dApp?

An omnichain dApp is a decentralized application that functions seamlessly across blockchains and layers through ZetaChain. It can access and manage assets, data, and liquidity on any chain, even non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. It can also read and update states on all connected networks.

How can I join the ZetaChain testnet?

You can join the ZetaChain testnet by visiting https://labs.zetachain.com/ and following the instructions there. You will need to install MetaMask or another compatible wallet and connect it to the ZetaChain testnet network. You will also need to get some testnet ZETA and gas assets for connected chains through the Get ZETA page on ZetaLabs

How can I earn ZETA points on the testnet?

You can earn ZETA points on the testnet by testing, learning, and contributing to dApps created using the ZetaChain protocol in an open environment. You can also earn ZETA points by engaging with other users and providing bug reports and feedback on products/protocols. ZETA points are a way to keep track of your advancement and contributions to ZetaLabs

What can I do with ZETA points?

ZETA points are not transferable or tradable tokens. They are only used to measure your participation and contribution to ZetaLabs. However, you may be able to convert your ZETA points into ZETA tokens after the mainnet launch in Q2 2023

Where can I learn more about ZetaChain?

You can learn more about ZetaChain by visiting their official website https://www.zetachain.com/, reading their documentation https://docs.zetachain.com/, joining their Discord https://discord.gg/zetachain or following them on Twitter https://twitter.com/ZetaChain.