Beta Testing of Ithil Protocol Testnet

Events (Ends on Sunday 2nd of October, midnight UTC )

(1) Meme: The winners of the meme competition receive a distinctive profile image designed by Ithil’s brand artist.

(2). Best tester / feedback competition: It will award the most helpful, active tester with an NFT that confers voting privileges in the Ithil DAO.

(3). Trading Competition: You may win up to $500 in USDC! With Ithil’s Testnet

Section I of III: Preparing Wallet

Step 1: Log in to your Metamask wallet and click on the dropdown of networks and then, Click on Add Network.

Step 2: A following new window will pop up, click on the “Advanced” tab in left side bar

Step 3: In “Advanced” tab when you scroll down, you will find “Show test networks” option, just put it “ON”

Step 4: After completing these steps you can find the custom network in the dropdown list.

Step 5: If you already have Test ETH in Goerli network then you may skip this step or else follow below steps:

(1). Visit this site, Sign-up, follow the instructions (skip the skippable steps) and verify your email.

(2). Now visit this site, login to your account, paste your Metamask address and click on “Send Me ETH”

Section II of III: Beta Testing

Step 1: Visit this site and connect wallet.

Step 2: Go to the faucet page, click on “+” to add toke in your wallet and use the faucet to get some test tokens by clicking on Redeem and confirming the transaction on your wallet. After each token redeem, do not forget to refresh the page.

Step 3: Visit the stake page, click on any of token/coin to open the action tabs.

Step 4: Click either on 25/50/75/100 % or simply insert an amount to deposit, click on “Approve” and then, approve all transactions.

Step 5: After approving the site to use your tokens/coin, simply click on “Deposit”.

Step 6: Go to the trade page, in this page, you will see all available strategies, their expected APY range and the risk profile. Click any strategy and continue.

Step 7: Choose one of the available tokens, enter amount, adjust leverage, click on “Approve”, approve wallet transactions, click on “open” and then again approve the wallet transactions.

Step 8: Visit “Dashboard” and check your Active/Closed/Liquidated positions. you may close any of the open positions which is not performing well.

Section III of III: Feedback

It is recommended to join Ithil’s official discord and share your feedback there. My feedback are as follows:

  1. I believe, the UI designer deserves some appreciation for avoiding common mistakes like it already has dark/light toggle, font color changes with it, important links etc. The UI is clean & sleek.

2. While staking, I need to refresh 2–3 time to see my positions and updated wallet balance on staking page.

3. In staking, withdraw function not working.

4. “Limit Order” can be added in “Trade” section.

Congratulations! you’ve overcome the Testnet, now you can buy me a coffee MM: 0xf2BaD7C3796579aC78D68E695abc2A431a5b2071 or click here 🎁 and you can click the clap👏🏻 button up to 50x

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