Skiff Mail: Decentralized Email Service

The end-to-end encrypted email, or Skiff Mail, allows you the freedom to interact freely while protecting your inbox. End-to-end encryption provided by Skiff Mail keeps mail is secure and private. Since the beginning, Skiff Mail has been open source, allowing anyone to independently verify their claims regarding privacy and encryption methods. Access to the first end-to-end encrypted productivity suite is provided via a single Skiff Mail account. Jump from documents to emails, remote team collaboration, and 10 GB of free storage without sacrificing privacy.


Step 1

  • Go to the site, connect metamask and Save the key
  • Press “Mail” → “Get Started”
  • Get your own Skiff Mail and create an account

Step 2

  • Click on icon at right side of Inbox menu and select “Personal”
  • Go to “New Page” and write an article (write anything)
  • …then click “Publish”
  • Click “Search” → “Create new folder”
  • Come up with a name and click “Create”
  • Go to our created folder and click “New page” (Top-Right Side Corner)
  • In the same way, enter any text and click “Publish”.

Step 3

  • Go to “Settings”, change themes, date format
  • Go to “Shortcuts” and click “Publish
  • Click ? →“Send Feedback” and in the column “Suggest” write any suggestions for improving the site, and “Bugs” found bugs, if any

In the end…

Everyone who uses Skiff Mail has access to lightning-quick, secure search for the entirety of their emails. The client-side (on your device) nature of searches ensures that end-to-end encryption is maintained.

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