Orderly Network Incentivized Testnet

The Orderly Network is a decentralized, non-transparent exchange protocol and modular ecosystem built on NEAR, which aims to enable spot trading, margin trading, open-ended swaps, and lending and borrowing.

Testnet Walkthrough

Section I: Test Near Wallet

Step 1 Follow this link and create a wallet.

Step 2 Enter a name for your wallet

Step 3 Next, choose the security method of your wallet (in our case Secure Passphrase), save the words:

Step 4 Wallet is created! It already has a test 200 NEAR

Section II: Testnet

Step 1 Go to this site and connect your wallet

Step 2 Then click “Deposit” and send funds to DEX

Step 3 Click on “get 1000 USDC” and accept the transaction

Step 4 After clicking on the “Deposit” button next to the USDC token and transfer any amount of USDC to the exchange

Step 5 After that, go to the “Trading” tab and choose the panel you want to trade with

Step 6 Make a coin purchase (Nar/USDT)

Step 7 Sell all purchased tokens

After completing testing the platform, go to their Discord channel and leave feedback in the branch #feedback or if you find bugs, you can contact #testnet-support, write it in detail and inform the developers, do not forget to leave your wallet, which passed the Testnet.

Final feedback

I have used this wallet “cmetaverse.testnet”, my feedback:

  1. I have tried buy/sell of Near/USDT. It works fine in my case.
  2. I like the drag & drop option, but please keep buy/sell window on top right corner by default.
  3. I like the Go-To feature in chart
  4. In wallet section, you may add pie chart at right side instead of keeping it blank.

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