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PIXELYNX, the music gaming company co-founded by deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin, has launched AI music companions called KORUS. This new product aims to revolutionize the boundaries between music, gaming, blockchain, and AI. These companions will have their own brand and personality and will be able to play, create, and remix music from a global network of artists and labels, generating new revenue streams and engagement channels with their communities.


Key Highlights

  • KORUS companions will be available on mobile and web platforms, allowing players to discover, collect, and trade music. These AI companions can be evolved with PIXELYNX’s exclusive digital collectibles called Artist DNA, specially designed to train and generate new content for the AI companions.
  • The first Artist DNA drop will feature music tracks and digital items from deadmau5 and the mau5trap label. PIXELYNX is developing an interactive experience with market leaders Pioneer DJ, utilizing augmented reality technology to give users a unique and exciting way to engage with the brand.
  • Synth Heads, a collection of digital characters designed after iconic synthesizers, is owned by PIXELYNX and Beatport. Synth Heads holders will be rewarded with an exclusive upgrade, allowing them to evolve their AI companions within the PIXELYNX metaverse and beyond.
  • PIXELYNX believes that AI will quadruple the music industry by lowering the barriers to creativity and giving everyone a platform to collect, create, and earn from music in a fun way. The company’s focus is to build a music ecosystem that will transform the way artists connect and engage with their fans through interactive experiences.
  • The PIXELYNX metaverse is a music gaming platform that allows users to interact with their favorite music and artists in immersive worlds, unlock collectibles and exclusive experiences, and create and remix music with AI companions. This metaverse operates across mobile, desktop, and browser platforms, using cutting-edge technologies such as Niantic Lightship, blockchain, and AI.

KORUS is set to transform the boundaries between music, gaming, blockchain, and AI, creating a music ecosystem that will revolutionize the way artists connect and engage with their fans. With their own unique brand and personality, KORUS companions can play, create, and remix music from a global network of artists and labels, generating new revenue streams and engagement channels with their communities.

PIXELYNX’s ultimate goal is to create a platform where everyone has access to music and can participate in its creation and distribution. And with the introduction of KORUS, this goal is becoming a reality. These AI companions allow users to explore, collect, and remix music, creating a dynamic and interactive experience that will keep you engaged for hours on end. Join the music revolution with KORUS AI companions and discover a whole new world of music and gaming. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of the future of music!

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What are KORUS AI Companions?

Imagine having a digital friend who can make music with you, for you, and from you. That’s what KORUS AI Companions are all about. They are smart, creative, and unique musical beings that use artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to remix and create music from a huge library of artists and labels. Whether you want to jam with deadmau5, chill with Richie Hawtin, or discover new sounds, KORUS AI Companions will match your vibe and style.

Who created KORUS AI Companions?

KORUS AI Companions are brought to you by PIXELYNX, a visionary music gaming company founded by two legends of electronic music: deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin. Together with Beatport, mau5trap, and Pioneer DJ, they are launching KORUS AI Companions as the ultimate music experience for fans and creators alike.

How do KORUS AI Companions work?

With KORUS AI Companions, you can explore, collect, and trade music from a global network of artists and labels. You can also input your own music or licensed content into your KORUS AI Companion to evolve their skills and personality. The more you interact with your KORUS AI Companion, the more they will learn from you and generate new music that suits your taste and mood. You can also earn money from your music creations and connect with other users and artists in the PIXELYNX metaverse.

What are some examples of KORUS AI Companions?

PIXELYNX has designed different types of KORUS AI Companions to suit different musical preferences and genres. One of their first creations is Synth Heads, a series of digital characters inspired by iconic synthesisers. Synth Heads are perfect for synth lovers and retro fans who want to create nostalgic and futuristic tunes. Another exciting project is Artist DNA, a collaboration with mau5trap label that will feature music tracks and digital items from mau5trap artists. Artist DNA will allow users to input their favorite mau5trap sounds into their KORUS AI Companion and create new music with them.



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