How to Transfer/Bridge from ETH to Polygon

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3 min readApr 15, 2022

The Polygon was born to reduce the speed and cost of working on the Ethereum network. Through its unique four-layer system architecture (ETH layer, security layer, Polygon Network layer, and execution layer), Polygon is increasing in popularity every day, therefore, in this article, we will see how you can transfer from ETH to Polygon. This article will also show Quickswap’s feature of free 0.1 Matic to its users. Maybe some people think that it is just a small amount but if we think rationally, then this small amount saves us lots of handworks (buying & transferring or buying & bridging).

Prerequisite For Bridging Between Networks

1. Metamask wallet

2. Ethereum in Metamask wallet for fees

3. Add USDC (Polygon):


4. Add Matic (Polygon):


YouTube Tutorial:

Connect to the bridge interface on Polygon

Step1: Visit and connect to Metamask

Step 2: Log in to Matic wallet, then click on Metamask and approve the connection

Bridging from Ethereum to Polygon:

Step 1: After connecting with the wallet, the page will automatically redirect to the below window. Just click on the “Polygon Bridge” option

Step 2: Now switch to the Ethereum network

Step 3: Select coin/token from the dropdown menu and the amount you want to transfer, I have selected stable coin USDC, entered the amount, and then, click on “Transfer”.

Step 4: Give all necessary permissions after reviewing the transaction fee:

Step 5: (Optional) By clicking on the site suggested you can opt for lower gas fee

Step 6: After approving USDC, confirm the transaction:

Step 7: While the transaction under progress, you can visit: and get a free 0.1 Matic for the transaction fee.

Step 8: Now visit: and check your transaction status

In the end…

Although I paid around $22 for the transaction and gas fee but it is worth it, as I will save more than that afterward.

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