Homwere: About H-Store, Presale and Airdrop (100,000 HME Tokens)

The Homwere is a branch of the Defi space that plans to keep expanding the usage and availability of dApps on all Cross Platform devices. It is a platform that will provide interoperability and connectivity between decentralized and centralized modules, a simple and efficient way to access all Web, Mobile, and Desktop Applications through a one-way space.

Decentralized applications (dApps) are more like Web applications that cannot be downloaded onto a device. The Homwere team is developing a product named, the H-Store. This is like the popular Google Play store and Apple Store where you can get access to various apps for specific platforms but this time it is for dApps. It will not only be available via the Web but also on mobile and desktop regardless of what platform device you are using. In short, it is a dApp store, the below image shows the glimpse of H-store, as per the company, it will be available on Google Play store and Apple Store in the month of June this year.

DYOR: Telegram | Youtube | Twitter | Github | LinkedIn | Reddit |Discord | https://www.homwere.com

YouTube Video


Real-Time Tracking on Dapps Usage: The Homwere team plan to offer real-time tracking of users for each listed dApp, provide adequate ranking capabilities, and offer some sort of incentive for reaching a particular dApp level. All these and many more will be featured on the H-Store.

H-Store Wallet Connector: The Homwere team very much know that every dApp is capable of processing transaction and thus will need a Web 3.0 interface or Defi wallet to interact with. The Homwere team working on an inbuilt “wallet connector” to propel such transactions.

Multi-Sending Transactions: In a situation where a blockchain network is overloaded, The Homwere team has made it possible for users to schedule a time for the transaction to execute when the blockchain is less loaded. This will go a long way in automating transactions for airdrop or relating transacting processes.

There are so many features like NFTs & Collectibles Marketplace, Auction Process & Transfer of Ownership, and so on…

Ongoing Presale Details and Allocation

Blockchain Networks: POLYGON and BSC

Allocation: 12,500,000 HME tokens on both Chains

Price: $0.001

Presale Participation Link: https://presale.homwere.com

Date: STARTS 15|05|2022 00:00 UTC + 1 ENDS ON 31|05|2022 23:29 PM UTC + 1

Community Airdrop & Bonuses

When will the event begin?

Start on 06|MAY|2022 by 00:00 UTC + 1 and close on 30|MAY|2022 by 11:59pm

how can I participate?

1. Retweet this post and tag at least three friends. (Required)

2. Follow us on Twitter and Medium (Required)

3. Follow us on Telegram Channel and Telegram Group (Required)

4. Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe on YouTube (Required)

5. Follow us on Reddit and Discord

6. Fill Airdrop Form (Required)

7. Add Token Contract Address to Metamask or Trust wallet

Airdrop Distribution

Airdrop and other Bonuses will be distributed 2 weeks after the event ends to all specified Polygon Addresses in the form above.

Contact: ||CryptoMetaverse || Facebook || Twitter|| LinkedIn|| Discord || Gallery||



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