Earn Potential Airdrop, Token Rewards, OG Roles, through Beta Testing of SUI Blockchain (Name Service, Custom NFT Creation, MoveX DEX and Bluemove NFT Marketplace)

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5 min readSep 26, 2022


The Sui is a new generation of blockchain technology. It is a decentralised smart contract platform that makes the claim to be the Libra blockchain from Facebook, which is no longer operational.

It is a low-latency blockchain created for asset management. As a result, the network works to guarantee that digital assets on the blockchain are given first-class treatment.

Sui, a proof-of-stake Layer 1 blockchain that has not yet been launched and is intended to compete with Solana and Ethereum, was developed by Mysten.

Binance Labs participated in the $300M Series B round for Mysten Labs, the developer of permission less layer-1 blockchain Sui.


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Section I: Preparing Wallet

Step 1: Visit this site Install SUI Wallet Extension on chrome

Step 2: Click “Create New Wallet”, Backup Recovery Passphrase

Step 3: Join Sui Discord, Now Go To “Developer” Section, Then Go To (🚰devnet-faucet), Type This: !faucet “Your Sui Wallet Address” And Send It In The 🚰devnet-faucet Chat.

Now Check Your Sui Wallet, You will receive 250,000 SUI in a few minutes.

Section II: Beta Testing

Step 1: Get your .sui username that can be used to represent you in the metaverse, it is a Decentralized Digital Identities for Sui Ecosystem.

(1). Visit below site

(2). Connect wallet & search any desire name.

(3). If name is available then it will ask for “Claim”, just click and approve from wallet.

(4). Now click on activate name, and approve from wallet.

Step 2: Create Custom NFT on Sui Blockchain

(1) Visit this site and connect your Sui wallet


(2) Give it a name, add some description, click on “Create” and approve the transaction.

(3) Now open your wallet and check created Service Name & NFT.

Step 3: MoveX DEX & 100 MovEX token reward

(1) Visit this site and connect wallet.

(2) Claim Test Tokens.

(3) Try Swap feature. Select market Order/Limit Order → Select tokens to be swapped (USDT to DAI) → Enter amount → click on “Swap” and approve the transaction

(4) Try Pool feature. Select tokens to be pooled (USDT & DAI) → Enter amount → click on “Supply” and approve the transaction. It will create your position.

Step 4: Bluemove NFT Marketplace

(1). Visit this site and connect your Sui wallet.

(2). Click on profile icon (upside right) → My Profile → Select any NFT to list

(3). Click “List Token” → Decide price → Click “Submit” and approve the transactions.

Section III: Feedback

  1. Sui Wallet: It should have dark/light toggle, lock, Add Network option, Add Tokens/Coins etc.
  2. Custom NFT: Option to upload desired image for NFT, Separate option to add any URL.
  3. Movex DEX: Clean & clear UI, Market order filled fast, separate dashboard for wallet balance + pool status, market view type charts, dark/light toggle.
  4. Bluemove NFT Marketplace: Clean & clear UI, Easy Navigation, Easy Listing, NFT Minting & Marketplace must be fused.

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