Blockchain Weekly Digest # 6

This week in crypto + airdrops + beta testing & many more

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3 min readMar 23, 2023

Crypto Airdrops and competitions are a great way to maximize your crypto earnings. By staying up-to-date on the latest airdrops and competitions in the crypto space, you can take advantage of opportunities to earn free tokens or win big prizes.

Crypto Airdrops and Competitions

(1 of 3) Airdrop/Competition Alert: Wise Crypto X InteractWith

💎💎 Total Reward: $2,000 $INTER
🤩🤩 Click here to participate
🤩🤩Distribution: Apr 19, 2023

(2 of 3) Airdrop/Competition Alert: Legend of Elysium

💎💎 Total Reward: $200,000 prize pool
🤩🤩 Click here to participate
🤩🤩Last Date: Ongoing

(3 of 3) Airdrop/Competition Alert: Paysenger X EGO Pre IDO

💎💎 Total Reward: $11600
🤩🤩 Click here to participate
🤩🤩Last Date: April 17

Some other Imp Campaigns (Possible Airdrop):

Maximize Your Earnings by Joining Project Alert

(1 of 6) Sign up for Waitlist from Kresus at website, it’s a cryptocurrency wallet that promises a lot, from KresusLabs, who have raised $25 million from Craft Ventures, Liverty City Ventures, Cameron Winklevoss and others.

(2 of 6) Sign up for Waitlist from Hashstack on Spearmint. It’s a lending DeFi protocol on StarkNet, allows you to take loans with insufficient collateral up to 300%.

(3 of 6) Beta Testing of Pantos Multi-Blockchain Token System : A Crucial Step Towards Interoperability

(4 of 6) zkPass Pre-Alpha Testnet Registration, It is an authentication protocol using zero-disclosure attestation from web2 and web3 based on ZKP and MPC. The project is also under incubation by Binance Labs

(5 of 6) Sign up for early access BabyAI at website. The project allows anyone to use generative artificial intelligence technology with expert operational development built into the platform.

(6 of 6) StarkEX’s GammaX Exchange Incentivized Beta Test Registration and Learn & Earn Campaign (With Answers)

Key Events/News

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Disclaimer: Please be sure to thoroughly research any crypto airdrop project before participating and remember that giveaways are always free. Do not send any money or fees to receive giveaway tokens. Additionally, we do not advise investing in new projects, but feel free to join giveaways at no cost.

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