Blockchain Weekly Digest # 2

This week (21 Nov–26 Nov)in crypto + airdrops + beta testing & many more

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT #232 traded on the secondary market for 800 ETH, or about $927,000.
  • Uniswap, a significant decentralized exchange, declared that it does not collect any users’ personal data but does gather some user data, such as the device or browser used by traders.
  • In a tether chain swap, Solana loses $1 billion in USDT for Ethereum.
  • Turkish authorities seize the assets of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried.
  • Genesis, a cryptocurrency lender, may be forced into bankruptcy if it is unable to find $1 billion soon, becoming the latest casualty of the collapse of the FTX exchange earlier this month.
  • The well-known Ethereum wallet MetaMask updated its privacy policy on November 23 to inform users that Infura would record their IP addresses and Ethereum wallet addresses while they transacted.

Q is a novel blockchain that combines the benefits of a public, open and decentralized ledger with the transparency and predictability of enforceable private contracts, thereby enabling adoption by a great variety of use cases that desire decentralization but require scalability and dependability.

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For Q Onboarding in 5 Minutes, see this documentation

(1 of 2) 2 in 1 Earn easily from Reward Pool of $80,000 + $80,000 in Poloniex Exchange Learn and Earn (with answers)

(2 of 2) ❤️💯Competition Alert: $1 Millions Dollar Gummy’S Airdrop
💎💎 Total Reward: $Gummys worth $1Millions
👉👉 Steps:
1. Visit this site
2. Enter your MetaMask wallet address, Email ID and then, click on “Claim Now”
3. Scroll down, you will find some easy social tasks to improve your ranking.

(1 of 2) ❤️💯Airdrop Alert: TokenBot x CoinMarketCap
💎💎 Total Reward: $100,000 TKB
🤩🤩End Date: December 9th
🤩🤩Distribution: By CMC

(2 of 2) ❤️💯Airdrop Alert: SaTT
💎💎 Total Reward: 100,000,000 $SaTT
🤩🤩End Date: December 1st
🤩🤩Distribution: By CMC

(1 of 2) Airdrop Alert: KuCoin FIFA World Cup Campaigns

❤️💯Airdrop Alert: KuCoin FIFA World Cup Campaigns
💎💎 Total Reward: $3000 USDT
👉👉 Click here
🤩🤩End Date: 30 November
🤩🤩Distribution: Within 5–7 Days

(2 of 2) Competition Alert: Kucoin X BOLT

❤️💯Airdrop Alert: Kucoin X BOLT
💎💎 Total Reward: 500,000 $BOLT
👉👉 Steps:
✅ Follow @kucoincom @boltplus
✅ Retweet this tweet with #KuCoin & tag 3 friends
🤩🤩Distribution: Within 5–7 Days

(1 of 1) Airdrop Alert: ZMove M2E X Metaverse Space
❤️💯Airdrop Alert: ZMove M2E X Metaverse Space
💎💎 Total Reward: 10500$ $ZRUN
👉👉 Click here
🤩🤩End Date: November 24
🤩🤩Distribution: 30 days after $ZRUN Listing

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