Beta Testing of Pantos Multi-Blockchain Token System : A Crucial Step Towards Interoperability

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Beta Testing Of Pantos Multi-Blockchain Token System

Pantos is a multichain token system that allows tokens to exist on multiple blockchains and be transferable between them. The project introduces a new token standard for multichain assets and has been developed through years of research in blockchain interoperability with partners such as TU Wien and TU Hamburg. The technology implements state-of-the-art solutions and strategic partnerships with commercial and academic partners such as Raiffeisen Bank International, Austrian Blockchain Center GmbH, and London Business School. The project aims to provide a reliable infrastructure for a tokenized world and expand its network of academic partners globally. The project team mentions about 1% airdrop, 9% bounty in Token distribution section.

Section I of III: Preparing Wallet

Step 1: For adding Goerli Testnet to your wallet and for getting test ETH, please see this tutorial.

Step 2: Visit this faucet, Select Blockchain, Enter the wallet address, Complete Captcha and finally, Click send to request your test PAN.

Section II of III: Beta Testing

Step 1: Visit this site and connect wallet

Step 2: Visit this site, Select blockchains, Enter Recipient address, Select bid (Slow or fast), Select the token or wrapped coin that you want to transfer, Define the amount and finally Confirm your transfer by signing the wallet request.

Step 3: Visit this site, Choose if you want to wrap a coin or unwrap it, Select asset, Enter the amount and finally Confirm the transaction

Section III of III: Feedback

Don’t forget to fill this feedback form.

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