Airdrop Alert Digest # 8

(1 of 3) Airdrop Alert: YachtX Coin

❤💯Airdrop Alert: YachtX Coin

💎💎Value: $40 $YACHTX


🤩🤩End Date: 25th May, 2022

🤩🤩 Distribution Date: 25th August, 2022

(2 of 3) Airdrop Alert: FQ SWAP DE-FI

❤💯Airdrop Alert: FQ SWAP DE-FI

💎💎 80,000 FQS (~$5)


🤩🤩Distribution: March 27th

🤩🤩Winners: 2,000 lucky random participants

(3 of 3) Airdrop Alert: TradeStars

❤💯Airdrop Alert: TradeStars

💎💎 Value: 25 $TSX


🤩🤩End Date: 12th March, 2022

🤩🤩Partnership: Polygon, Coin98 Wallet

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Crypto Metaverse

Crypto Metaverse


Crypto Enthusiast, Gamer, Engineer, NFT Artist, Content Creator (YouTube /Medium), Alpha/Beta Tester