Airdrop Alert Digest # 44

(1 of 3) Airdrop Alert: MetaBetong

❤💯Airdrop Alert: MetaBetong
💎💎 Total Reward: 1,650,000 $BTG
👉👉 Givelab
🤩🤩End Date: 14 November
🤩🤩Distribution: Within 10 days after the end of the IDO

(2 of 3) Airdrop Alert: ALTPAY FINANCE

❤💯Airdrop Alert: ALTPAY FINANCE
💎💎 Total Reward: (Note: For withdrawl you will need minimum 50 tokens)
🔸 25 ALTPAY Tokens ($10 USD) for completing tasks
🔸 5 ALTPAY Tokens ($2 USD) for each referral
👉👉 Telegram Bot
🤩🤩Distribution: Instant withdraw but you will need minimum 50 tokens

(3 of 3) Airdrop Alert: ESG Financial Platform

❤💯Airdrop Alert: ESG Financial Platform
💎💎 Total Reward: 03 $ESG
👉👉 Google Form
🤩🤩Distribution: Within 5–7 Days

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