Airdrop Alert Digest # 11

(1 of 3) Airdrop Alert: ChaCha Finance (CHACHA)

❤💯Airdrop Alert: ChaCha Finance (CHACHA)

💎💎 Total Reward: $25,000 worth of CHACHA + 500 USDT + 1000 NFTs


🤩🤩End Date: 30th March

🤩🤩Distribution: week after IDO

(2 of 3) Airdrop Alert: CryptoLoot X 0xPAD (CLOOT)

❤💯Airdrop Alert: CryptoLoot X 0xPAD (CLOOT)

💎💎 Total Reward: $5,000 worth of CLOOT


🤩🤩End Date:16th March

🤩🤩Distribution: within a week after listing

(3 of 3) Airdrop Alert: CyberShinu

❤💯Airdrop Alert: CyberShinu

💎💎 Total Reward: 30,000 $CYSHI


🤩🤩End Date: 29th March, 2022

🤩🤩Distribution: Few days after the airdrop ends

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