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6 min readJun 29, 2022


The KingdomStarter Launchpad, a state-of-the-art Gamefi launchpad for Defi, Gamefi, Metaverse, and NFT gaming P2E projects, is the flagship offering of The Kingdom Game 4.0. Numerous high-quality IDO projects have been published by this Launchpad, and multi-chain functionalities have recently been added.

In the current GameFi metaverse sector, Kingdom Game 4.0 is establishing a brand-new platform where game producers, players, and investors are intrinsically linked.


Sharing Economic Model: Game developers use the platform and blockchain-based solutions built by KDG, with which agents and gamers can generate their income through watching and playing incentives in the KDG ecosystem.

NFT Marketplace: It features digital artworks and collectibles for streamers, players, and users. Kingdom Game NFT marketplace provides the highest liquidity platform for users to donate, trade, or auction NFTs on Binance Smart Chain.

Video Streaming and NFT donation: Kinglive NFT streaming gives a way to connect with all players and game producers, customers, and the community. In addition, user can donate their favorite Streamer or Player with NFT Gifts, which can be easily traded on Kingdom Game NFT Marketplace.

Watch & Earn: By watching and using the Kinglive platform, the user will be earning a cryptocurrency called KDG for free! Users can use this KDG to support streamers on the Kinglive Streaming platform through donations and subscriptions.

Build Game: Developers can receive funding through the Game Hub portal developed by KDG. KDG will allow game developers to use the payment, marketing, and distribution platforms built by KDG, and be able to invest in the games, developers are developing.

Blockchain-based Payment Solution: Kingdom Game 4.0 releases the platform-specific digital currency KDG. NFT transactions apply blockchain technology and are exchanged in the form of KDG tokens. Players use KDG to purchase NFT Gifts, and subscriptions, pay auction fees or use other in-game services transparently and securely.

Backers & Partners

Rules of IDO Participation


1. Buy KDG at BSCStation, PancakeSwap, or MEXC exchange

2. Stake KDG at IGO pools

3. Follow the IGO timeline

4. Tier model for IGO eligible

IGO day

Step 1: Check the whitelist

Step 2: Connect your wallet with KingdomStarter, Access KingdomStarter Launchpad and connect your wallet, Make sure to connect the same wallet you have won your allocation with.

Step 3: Find the IGO pool

Step 4: Join the pool

Step 5: Confirm your transaction

Listing day

Claim the token and take profits from it

Refund function in 2 hours

KingdomStarter Launchpad will add the “refund” function for all IDO rounds

· Being a risk-free way for active IDO investors

· No extra fee


1. The refund function will be applied for all IDOs and Guaranteed and Community round KingdomStarter.

2. Users only can get a refund within 2 hours after the first claiming time.

3. If claiming time is not scheduled, the refund button will not be displayed for users to choose.

4. If you choose to REFUND — all your investments will be back in your wallet.

5. If you claim at TGE — you no longer can refund the rest.

6. Refund action will charge no fee. Users only need to pay the blockchain fee when they try to get a refund.

KDG Airdrop Portal

It is designed to provide users access to the airdrop/bounty/giveaway…any events that can earn tokens from KDG & KDG ecological partners in a secure, decentralized, and user-friendly way. No risks, no fees, and no limit.

It works as a bridge for KDG users to learn and engage in great events of diverse projects as well as for blockchain projects to expand their community. The goal is to help real users to earn rewards safely and fairly via the following:

· Earn as much as users want: Users can be rewarded by participating in events listed on KDG Airdrop Portal, with no limit.

· Simple and Easy: Users get rewards by doing easy tasks. No complex rules. No fee.

· Secure and Fair: Airdrops & other earn-free tokens events are often used by scammers to prey on crypto users through private key scams, send me crypto for airdrop scams. The Kingdom team provides a secure environment to allow participants to engage in all events without fear of the above issues.

  1. Upcoming

2. Ongoing

3. Ended

Why list events on KDG Airdrop Portal?

By participating in KDG Airdrop Portal, blockchain projects will receive a great opportunity to achieve their growth metrics via the following:

1. Free: No fee, no limit & no complex rules.

2. Effective: Powerful marketing of Portal will help to attract more participants. Many events of KDG partner with conduct at the same time. KDG Airdrop Portal will become a gateway for users of each partner to participate in not only 1 but many events. That led to the success of all events.

3. Increase users’ interest in new projects & develop a strong social channel: With huge numbers in the KDG community & partners, the events in KDG Airdrop Portal will achieve great success.

4. Easy to conduct an event: The crypto project, just need to sponsor rewards & KDG will take care of the rest

5. Wide and fair distribution of tokens: Blockchain projects don’t need to transfer rewards manually, KDG has a system for users to claim their prizes easily

Apply to publish & promote events

Complete the registration form HERE, we will review it & contact you soon:


In the end…

The KingdomStarter Launchpad is very promising crypto project, it has lots of amazing features and more are coming.

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